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In 1968, PT. PP. Berdikari, a state owned enterprise acquired the shares of PT. Asuransi Timur Jauh (formally established as a private company in 1953). Since then, the company which later changed its name to PT. Berdikari Insurance Company had become a subsidiary of PT. PP. Berdikari. Pursuant to the government regulation No. 22/2000, starting from April 7, 2000, PT. PP. Berdikari became a fully state owned company and officially changed its name to PT. Berdikari (Persero) and is the sole shareholder of PT. Berdikari Insurance.

From 1972 until now, PT. Berdikari Insurance has undergone a lot of changes in policies, pursuing an aggressive development program in an effort to achieve a healthy and dynamic growth, and continually improvement the level of professionalism in anticipating the challenges of the forthcoming globalizations era.

Currently, the company has a network of 17 (seventeen) branch offices and 1 (one) Unit of marketing Offices are scattered throughout Indonesia. The presence of those branches as evidence of company's commitment to serve clients with the optimum available resources.

  • A general insurance company is reliable and professional, reliable and leading edge in Indonesia as a milestone progress Indonesia's Berdikari

  • Provide the best protection and service and professional for stakeholders in particular and society in General.
  • Build the best performance as the economic advantages of Indonesia.
  • Have a responsibility as a professional and proportional in creating a sense of security on property investment customers.
  • Have a good working environment, valuing employees and give added value and sustainable performance based on the principles of prudence, compliance and partnership values.
  • Build continuously work ethic, togetherness, loyalty by sticking fast to Coorporate Good Governance (GCG) and Regulations.


Berdikari Insurance has 180 employees, most of the employees are expert with technical experiences and qualified certification holder for insurance from reputable local as well as International Insurance Institutes including: Australia New Zealand Insurance Institute and Finance, Asosiasi Ahli Manajemen Asuransi Indonesia (AAMAI), Singapore College of Insurance, AKASTRI and Lembaga Pendidikan Asuransi Indonesia (LPAI).

To meet the need of industry requirement, Directors and Operational Staff of PT. Berdikan Insurance continue to update the Insurance knowledge product know-how, business processing and operational management by attending training and seminar.


Komisaris Utama

Dr. Ir. Heru Julianto Juwono, MT

Mr. Heru has the ability of Enterpreneurship, Communication, Leadership, people's Energy Program, Plantation and Agriculture, Civil; Mechanical and Electrical Work. Prior to joining PT. Berdikari Insurance departments of several companies and organizations


Independent Komisaris

Imam Harsono, APAI, CIIB

Mr. Imam is very experienced and has deep knowledge in aspects of insurance, where he has been working since 1972 to date and put some insurance companies .



Afrizul Yusran

Career was over 22 years in the field of Finance, before joining PT Achieve Insurance, he occupied several important positions at PT Berdikari (Persero).



H. Muhammad Uwen Suwendi, FSAI, FLMI, MBA

Mr. Suwendi careers since 1964 in insurance and finance.


Presiden Direktur

Hero Samudra, SH, MH, AAAIJ, CLU, ChFC

Have a deep knowledge in aspects of marketing, where he began his career since 1986. prior to joining PT. iBerdikari Insurance he has served in several insurance companies in Indonesia.


Marketing Director

Kemas Achmad Yani Aziz

Having Experience than 15 years in finance, before joining PT.Berdikari Insurance Company, He occupied some important positions at PT. Berdikari ( Limited ).


Direktur Teknik

Ir. Muslihun, Msi,AAI-K,QIP,AIIS

Having the experiences more than 20 years in Insurance, before joining PT. Berdikari Insurance Insurance, He occupied some important positions at PT. Dayin Mitra Insurance, PT. Binagriya Upakara Insurance, PT. QBE Insurance, and PT. Fadent Mahkota Sahid Insurance.

Administrative & Finance Director

Sony Bagus Purwanto, ST, MM

Mr. Sony career since 1991 in the field of insurance and finance.